Yappera Children’s Services



That all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children have the right and opportunity to reach their potential through access to the highest quality care and enrichment in a rich cultural setting which strengthens their identity, cultural resilience, health and wellbeing.


To provide children from Birth to school age with high quality education and care programs in a Koori culturally relevant children’s service setting.

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Early experiences significantly influence and impact later life.

Children learn from birth. The most significant brain development happens in the early years.

Early education results from meaningful interactions between children and all adults who serve as their caregivers, including parents, relatives, baby sitters, teachers, educators and child care providers.

Early learning experiences influence the way children learn throughout their lives.

The quality of childcare and kindergarten is important.

Children in high-quality care programs/services are better prepared to be successful than children in low-quality care programs/services.

Culturally relevant care that reflects that child’s home culture and language builds positive self identity and improves school readiness.

Well trained educators/caregivers, low turnover and ongoing professional development for educators are key factors contributing to high quality care.

Childcare, kindergarten and after school care is essential for community and economic stability.

Parents/carers need child care, kindergarten and after school care in order to work or go to school.

The majority of young children spend regular time away from their parents in some form of care.

Stable child care, kindergarten and after school care programs has proven benefits for employers such as reduced absenteeism and improved productivity.

Early years education programs are a smart long term investment.

Studies show a dramatic increase in the rate of return the earlier one invests in children’s lives.   Children who experience high-quality early education are more likely to do better in school, graduate high school and attend college, and delay having children and are less likely to commit crimes or be on welfare.

Better educated, productive citizens are the key to building strong communities and a successful global economy.