Our Values


Thornbury Child CarePassion for Children
Working with children and families is our highest priority. We see ourselves as collaborative partners with parents and providers and caregivers to ensure good care for children.

Respect for Culture and Diversity
We honour, value and respect the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and other cultures non-aboriginal staff bring to our service and recognize that we are stronger when we are diverse.

We strive to be culturally sensitive and to advocate for equity and inclusion in all the work that we do.

Excellence and Accountability
We set high standards for ourselves and our programs, use research-based best practices, and deliver on all of our promises with integrity.

We listen carefully to our stake holders and use their input to inform our actions and future planning.

Innovation and Collaboration
We seek new and better approaches to current and emerging needs within the early childhood sector. We know we are most effective when we work with others towards shared solutions.

We are committed to improving the child care system through advocacy and public education. We are willing to take a stand and advocate on behalf of children, families and educators in a complex political environment.

Work/Life Balance
We believe that creating a work environment that respects the employee’s personal needs is vital to our success.

Engagement of Diverse, Skilled, Qualified and Talented Staff Team
We employ and invest in skilled employees who embrace our philosophy, vision, purpose and values and plan and deliver quality programs and practices.