For Parents, Carers & Guardians

  • We will work with families to bridge home and centre through the promotion and provision of a welcoming environment
  • Professionals engage in family-centred practice by respecting the pivotal role of families in children’s lives.
  • Educators will use families’ understanding of their children to support shared decision-making about each child’s learning and development
  • We will create a welcoming and culturally inclusive environment where all families are encouraged to participate in and contribute to children’s learning and development experiences
  • Educators will actively engage families and children in planning children’s learning and development
  • Educators will provide feedback to families on their children’s learning and information about how families can further advance children’s learning and development at home and in the Community
  • We will support families and link families to Services where requested
  • We will encourage families to share their ideas, skills and knowledge and to feel a sense of belonging and equality within our Service