For Staff

  • We promote and encourage the employment of Aboriginal staff to contribute to the cultural richness of the environment and provide support, mentoring and advice to peer non-Aboriginal staff working within the Service
  • We promote and support staff that have a desire to up skill/increase their qualifications and participate in staff professional development that will enhance their knowledge for the provision of high quality programs offered to children.
  • We promote the employment of Aboriginal staff to work alongside non-Aboriginal staff in the planning and development of educational programs implemented including the core cultural component of programs offered
  • We welcome non-Aboriginal staff who enthusiastically embrace the Service philosophy and culture.
  • We ensure staff are properly inducted to ensure they are sensitive, responsive and have a respect for the individual and cultural needs and beliefs of children and families
  • Staff will interact with children at all times in a positive and responsive manner taking into consideration children’s diverse and unique needs
  • Management will ensure that all staff feel a sense of belonging, feel valued and respected as part of a team who share a unified goal – best practice for our Service,