Yappera Thornbury Child Care Center provides:

  • High quality education and care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children
  • A belonging place for children and families
  • A range of holistic Services for Aboriginal children and families accessing Services
  • Maternal child health Care including general health and development checks, paediatric assessments, audiology checks, optometry checks and dental checks.
  • Specialist children’s Services access and referrals – Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, counselling and inclusion support.
  • Nutritional advice and resources
  • Access to and referrals to family and support services
  • Parenting/family programs and activities
  • Information evenings
  • Resources and information which is relevant to families and non-threatening
  • An inclusive environment for children, families and Community where individuals feel comfortable
  • A sense of ownership for Community – Community voice
  • An affordable Service for families
  • Cultural programs that link to children’s and families beliefs and identities

Thornbury ChilcdCare